Scuba Dive & Sail in Greece


Live Aboard Scuba Diving in the Greek islands as you sail from island to island to the best dive sites, you’ll find anywhere. We make your Scuba Dive experience in Greece a Special Adventure by transporting you around the Greek islands aboard a private, sleep aboard, yacht for up to 24 divers. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners cab be served aboard. If you a serious diver, you will find the best diving in the world and be among the first to Dive Greece !!

Padi & IANDT Scuba Dive Optional courses offered on board on our Catamaran Dive trips. Optional courses possible are:
–  Discover Scuba, 1 Day Course
–  Open Water Diver, 5 Day Course
–  Advanced Open Water Diver, 5 Day Course

A visit to Greece will, in addition to a unique diving experience, take you to rich cultural destinations, starting in Athens and sailing to islands along the route from Sounion to Mykonos, Santorini and many other fascinating destinations in the Ionian, Cyclades & Saronic Gulf islands. For a taste of wonderful Greek cuisine, bountiful night life, not to mention a journey to the ancient past, a Scuba Dive Vacation in Greece will be your most memorable dive vacation ever.

You’ll have options of diving the islands and coastlines, the likes of which you have never seen. Islands like Mykonos, Kythnos Syros, Paros, Anti Paros, Santorini, Naxos, Epidaurus, Poros, Aigina, Zakinthos, Lefkas and many , many more will be your diving adventure.

Scuba diving in Greece is relatively new since there were many restrictions imposed by the Greek Archeological Bureaus that restricted diving to only limited locations to protect ancient sites.

All scheduled Sail & Dive Liveaboard trips are scheduled for 7 days with two diives each day. For Full boat dive charters, longer trips can be arranged.

In October of 2006, restrictions were lifted along the 12,000 miles of Greek coastline, including over 1,000 islands, to allow diving. Now, with this spectacular opportunity to explore wrecks both recent and ancient, marine life, caves, canyons, and much more, divers from all over the world are slowly discovering this unique diving adventure. More wrecks are being discovered each year and this benefits both divers and archeologists. Dive centers at many islands are exploring their island perimeters and expanding the variety of dive sites opened to divers.
On the seabed of Greek waters, you will find a fantastic array of colors, marine life, reefs, caves, canyons with sheer cliff drops, and night dives that excite even the most experienced diver. Rock formations give shelter to octopus moray eel, grouper and giant shells, scorpion fish, starfish.  You will dive in caverns, canyons and swim throughs, covered with colorful sponges, corals and small holes which are home to crabs and lobsters. Schools of small colorful fish swim around the rocks while tunas, turtles, jack fish, stingrays and dolphins make their appearance often from the distant blue.


With the crystal clear waters of the Greek Aegean and Saronic seas, you can expect visibility of over 100 ft.  Diving in Greece is year round, however to enjoy all the many aspects of a visit to Greece, we offer Dive Programs from April to November.


Catamaran dive platform


Monohull dive platform