Scuba Dive Sites in Greece

Our yachts will sail the island groups of the Cyclades and Saronic Gulf where the variety of dive sites, in crystal clear waters offer spectacular diving and treasures to be discovered.
We sail to a different island each day  and dive with highly experienced Dive Centers professionally staffed and with full compliment of dive gear and dive boats.  Each island dive center has acquired many dive site treasures they will share with you. Sites with wrecks, caves, canyons, steep walls, marine life, and more.Some of the dive site you can expect to visit are detailed  on this page but it is only a small sample of the treasures you will find.


Tripiti Reef
This is one of our favorite dive sites since you can enjoy any type of diving on this reef. Relaxing shallow dives for the less experienced and exhilarating deeper dives for the more experienced divers.
A torch to “show their face”. As we go deeper, we meet dusky and golden groupers and Mediterranean morays.


  Apollonia Wreck
The cargo vessel Apollonia II built in 1955 hit the reef the 10th of June 1980. Today it offers a very nice dive to both novice and advanced scuba divers. Two of the biggest parts of the ship (the bow and the stern) are lying in relatively shallow water (18-24 m). Combined with the excellent visibility of over 20 meters, this site offers it’s definitely a site worth revisiting.



Portugal wreck

The M/V Portugal Lays on the  southwest side of the reef. As a result of this collision the ship broke in to two pieces. The biggest of them sunk on the reef. Today one of those pieces of Portugal is lying in a depth of 26 to 40 meters offering another exciting diving spot in the reef. Visibility is over 20 meters.


Macris reef
This reefs is located at the middle of the three reefs of Makronisos island. Its position and the almost permanent current result in excellent visibility and a big variety of underwater life.
Minimum depth is 4 meters while the edge of the reef goes down to 24 meters. Visibility is over 25 meters.




Pasas Reef
The reef begins at 3 meters deep and goes down to almost 20 meters. The big rocks that form the reef create spectacular underwater passageways. Definitely a very unique diving spot. Visibility is 20 meters.


The Canyon
Although we recently discovered this dive site it became one of our  favorites.  An underwater canyon starts at a depth of 8 meters and ends at 20 meters. Incredible colors and every kind of underwater life can be seen inside the canyon.
And if that is not enough just at the exit of the canyon a very big rock, going down to 40 meters, awaits the divers for an incredible wall dive. Visibility is 20 meters.



Kyra wreck
Cargo ship Kyra Leni sunk in 1978. Today its one of the favorite dives for many wreck divers since the shallow depth and the relatively intact bow of the ship allows for a relaxing wreck dive. Depth is 18 to 30 meters Visibility is 15 meters.



German submarine U 133 sunk during world war II when it hit a mine. Lying at 80 meters awaits the divers which have the appropriate experience and training for an unforgettable dive…  This is considered a technical dive due to the depth of the wreck.



Rosa Vlasi Wreck
Rosa Vlasi, a cargo steamship, sunk southwest of Makronisos Island during a storm. It is located intact in a depth of 51 meters lying on its port side. This is a staged decompression dive for very experienced divers.


Cave Diving
An ancient cavern was discovered near the island of Paros 10 years ago. Divers  can enter the cave from different points. One, the largest, cave’s is at a depth between 3.5 m. to 11 m. with diameter about 10 m. Another entrance is the medium one with 8 m depth and diameter 2.5 m. The light that enters the cave creates incredible scenery. Soft and hard corals in all kind of shapes and forms are everywhere. When you get on the surface you discover the best part of the cave, you’ll be amazed by the big multi shaped stalactites hanging form the cave’s ceiling and walls. Maximum depth of the cave is 18 meters.




Marine life abounds in the waters of Greece.